Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Amma...this is for u...

My Mother...She is the only one who can turn chaos into comfort, and makes a room more like home just by walking into it.

She is Mom.And she does everything with a smile and pleasant attitude.
She knows when to hug me, when to simply listen, when to smooth the hair from my face and pat my arm,
when I need to hear laughter, when to call, and what to say to always make me stop, make me think,
make me evolve into someone a little deeper, a little kinder, a little more capable of being called her daughter.

She is wonderful.
She made things happen:
You want to create? Let’s make play dough. You want to paint? I have it ready..
You want to turn the living room into the planet Mars where aliens resembling fuzzy bunnies live?
She would say,go ahead..Clean it up after you’ve landed back on earth...!

To me, she seemed to know everything and explained it all in my language,the way i can understand..:)
At the time, I thought I was speaking on her level. Eventually, I learned she was speaking on mine.

 No one cares about your broken heart more than Mom. She’s never too busy or too tired to
mend your hurting. Keep her up all night crying. She’ll make your favorite breakfast the next morning..Trust me...

I spent my childhood trying to hurry up and outgrow her, be my own woman, be different than her while being
just like her.
As an adult, I finally get it. I’ll never be her. I couldn’t on my best days. She is Mom and there is no comparison.

Instead, I admire her, how she can touch anyone with just a soft expression, how people gravitate
to her for comfort, how she gives of herself without pity or complaint, how her food is so yummy without
even perfect ingredients.

So for my mother and all other mothers keeping us in awe and wonder at the richness of your heart, Happy Mother’s Day.

You helped us dream big. ....


  1. Amazing way of expressing the true love of mothers..

    Thanks Rashmi for such a wonderful post.

    1. Thanks dear...just wanted to know from whom this nice comment is from? it says Anonymous..:)