Friday, January 15, 2010


Girls have been generally typecasted as the "weaker sex", something I would beg to differ. This is a barbaric, ludacris, and illogical way of thinking. I think that for the past centuries, the strength and uniqueness of women have been proven and should no longer be an issue, if only the society will be more open. But anyway, I won't go into that too much. What I want to talk about are women drivers.

I drive every single day of my life and I can say that I'm an average driver. Some say "for a girl, I'm a pretty good driver". And even if I should be flattered, I can't help but be annoyed. What does she/he mean by "for a girl"? I mean, that just pisses me off because it shows how skills of women on the road are belittled. What's worse than that is when I hear people who get bugged and say such things as "women drivers" and then grunt. What the fudge?!

Another thing--on stop lights, I do several retouches (a little gloss, a little fluffing of the hair) and I would receive staring of a lifetime! Is there something wrong with that? It's my ride and I can do anything, right?

What do you think? Am I the only one who's driven crazy with this or are you? Have you any experiences about being prejudiced as women drivers?

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  1. 'women are considered weak, and men are considered guilty'. the pain is same just forms are different. and as for your female driver case, well if a man would be participating in a beauty contest then may be he would receive the same compliment 'you are very beautiful, for a man'. you only look at one side of the aspect.