Friday, January 15, 2010

To the special one...

He likes it when I fall asleep on him. He kisses me while I sleep . “Hey” he says, and he moves away only so that he can pull me closer, in a way that allows me to lay my head on his chest.
Listening to his heartbeat makes me feel safe. For the first time in my life I don’t feel alone. His skin is darker than mine, and softer. The colors look beautiful together. They match.
And then he breathes faster, Starts kissing ma nose…and his fingers are lost in my hair, and the silence is the most comfortable and forgiving I've ever felt… and then he says he loves me. And he means it.
I’m shocked every time. He professes his love, and I laugh. I laugh because there is no other way to express the pure happiness I feel, and I feel it because he is my soul mate. I tell a joke about some thing silly and now it's his turn to laugh. He laughs at me, not at the joke: "That joke was terrible. I just have to laugh because you think it's funny. It's sweet to me."
Then we're back. He tells me about his day, and asks me about mine. "I love how you just can't shut up," he says with that beautiful smile.
It should be beautiful…..It is…


  1. very romantic and all the very best to keep it going!

  2. What to say about al this ...made me speeechless...u know woman demands only one thing in her life dats love :)...she can sacrifies al her things just for this love...Love makes her rejuvenate makes her makes her makes her feel good about her...its onli love which she finds al around her...u know word itself is so touching now what more i should write to comment on ur beautiful statements no aktually its not just the words up but ur deep true love which is framed so beautiful dat i can keep on writing on dis...I wish u all the Happiness ..may u always find ur soul mate besides u and may u be always happy being with each other...ameen

  3. Amazing... Super Romantic!! Just cant stop reading it again and again...

  4. Very nice... sld be lucky to hav such a life partner... All the best :-)