Thursday, December 30, 2010

The looooong wait 2011

Its such a bliss to listen to your fav music and keep reading your fav blogs..
i mean by the looks of it, thinking in the sane mind its i said
i am doing all these from work...initially i used to hate it...but come'on
how much can u crib...the cribbing saga continues....i knw i am not doing anythin
productive w.r.t my career....hopefully the new 2011 has lots of things in store fa me.....the new challenges...
new environment..all of that....fingers crossed.

This thing makes it more difficult just for the fact tht, he is really busy wid
his work...almost time for that long conversations either...
long i mean= 5 mins...:(

All i look forward right now is the trip which is planned right in the beggining
of the new year..
planning for gokarna and murdeshwara......some peace...away from all these
chaos.....I choose those places myself since it has beaches...wash away all my
woes and start afresh...


  1. favourite music and a good book are a bliss to me too.

  2. I hope your trip materialised and 2011 is enjoyable.But I see no posts in the current year