Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Men are from Mars and Women are from....??

He's a Gemini and I'm an Aquarion. 
  He is a twin-some sign, I am a water one.
* He's a man of few words, I'm bordering on verbose. He could live in monosyllables,
  I would die with them!
* He hates books, can't read two pages without dozing off. Me?
  I dream of a well-stocked personal library in my house,
  children who'll know Harry potter,Chetan Bhagat and others..
* He's always feeling too hot, I'm always cold.
* He'll always so organized, I'll always be so clumsy and bumping into things.
* He loves children ,I love them too,but not not like omg so cute types.
* He can lose himself in numbers, figures and directions. I can only get lost in them.
* He like Ice creams,i dont...!!!!
* He won't lose his temper till you ask for it, spell it out. I'd have lost and regained my
 cool ten times over in the same time.
* He's tall, I'm just not!
* Finally, the clincher: I blog, he doesn't even read one.

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