Friday, February 5, 2010

Learnt the hard called bitter truths

# Never trust a person who never has a good word to say about any person in the whole world – every one according to the person is an idiot… and deserved the mean things he/she did to them. Never trust them coz as soon as you go out of their sight you become one of those idiots according to them.
# You can be in love and yet not be jealous of your “better half” when he/she speaks with members of opposite gender… all you need in life is trust in your partner and confidence in yourself. That way the relationship remains fresh without any petty differences and you remain best friends with the one you love.
# Everyone can get over all their insecurities about relationships (including commitment phobia) once they meet the right one. No matter what happens, if its meant to be, it will happen.
# Everyone says be cautious about people you meet online, never trust them etc. but sometimes the best people in the world you are meant to know are just not available in your vicinity. I have met sweetest possible guy I could have ever known in my life on the internet. There is no way any other person guy or girl can ever compete this person’s space in ma life(that’s right, Deepak, i am talking about you)...

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